Our Experience

The principals of Market Access Group have held an assortment of senior management positions at a variety of companies within the Aerospace/Defense Industries and Military Services.

The principals obtained senior management roles after having risen through the ranks of corporate marketing, operations, sales and strategic planning functions and have an abundance of practical experience and marketplace “know how”.

Mr. Eric Haltiner

Mr. Haltiner, General Manager of Market Access Group has held positions with General Electric Aerospace, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and RCA and managed business development and sales of high technology, Automated Test Systems, Avionic and Radar Systems, Battlefield Sensors, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and (military) Intelligence (C4I) Systems, and  Training and Simulation Systems with both domestic and international emphasis.

At these Corporations, Mr. Haltiner established a global market driven vision, strategy, and plan for company products, technologies and services.  In this capacity, he analyzed and forecasted market trends, customer/market needs, competitor strategies and actions to define business initiatives leading to competitive advantages in the market place.  In addition, he coordinated and integrated Internal Research and Development (IR&D), Bid and Proposal (B&P), and Marketing Assistance (MA) resources to ensure they were applied to enhance the strategic and long range operating plans.  Mr. Haltiner has lead multi-disciplined engineering teams in the development of win strategies, Price to Win, and competitor assessments in response to Government Request for Proposals.

Consistent with the above mission, Mr. Haltiner also acquainted customers and potential customers to products, technologies, and services leading to sales closure.  This included developing multinational industry leads relevant to Technology Assistance and Manufacturing License Agreements for market position and revenue enhancement.  He developed, coordinated, and implemented industrial participation/offset proposals/ agreements for major Foreign Military and Direct Sales transactions involving AV-8B, DDG/Aegis, C-130J, F-16, and F/A-18 weapon platforms.  These efforts resulted in multi-national collaborative agreements with the US Navy to developed advanced test and maintenance support capabilities.

Mr. Haltiner also worked for various Department of Defense (DoD) agencies in the areas of Weapons System Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support, and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). He assisted the Chief of Naval Operations, Naval Supply Systems Command, and the Naval Air Systems Command in facilitating the sale of
E-2C, OV-10, F/A-18, DDG and FFG weapon systems, equipment, technology and services to the governments of Australia, Cameroon, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand and Venezuela. He provided program management, engineering services and logistics support in developing Planning and Review (P&R) Information, Price and Availability (P&A) data, and Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) delineating the terms and conditions of the FMS. Mr. Haltiner also organized and managed in-country demonstrations, site surveys teams, and participated in sales campaigns and negotiations with the Prime Manufacturers. Mr. Haltiner assisted Prime Manufacturers in developing industrial participation, offsets, and counter trade agreements.  

Mr. Chris Chrisman

Mr. Chrisman has over forty years of strong management and hands on experience in all aspects of business operations practices primarily for Federal Government agencies. Expertise in finance management, cost & pricing analysis, contracts administration and negotiations, subcontracts management, acquisition/purchasing, business planning/development, financial and internal operations reporting. Significant expertise in new business proposals, developing win-strategies, unique business and pricing solutions and contractual conditions that improve win probabilities in competitive acquisitions. Very successful in implementing contractual and business related issues, to improve performance and return on investment. Comprehensive experience working in United States Air Force (USAF), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other federal agencies with the ability to apply past experience and knowledge to real time business management conditions. Well respected for strategic thinking and tactical application in broad spectrum of program experiences. Excellent communication and written skills and the ability to quickly understand and provide positive influence to solving complex problems. Demonstrated leadership and management abilities motivating strong management teams, promulgating teamwork attitude and communicating with individuals at all levels of responsibility.

Mr. Chrisman had a distinguished career at Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) from 1977 until he retired in 2009. During this period, he worked on the HUD Information Technology Services (HITS) Program where he was responsible for managing all business operations activities for the competitive proposal that the resulted in the successful competitive bid for the HITS Program. This is a $40M services program providing Wide Area Network, desktop/laptop environment, test and enterprise engineering, and general office environment services to over 12000 HUD users across 80 nationwide offices. Business activities included finance management, planning and development, contracts administration, procurement and subcontracts management for an organization of approx 150 employees and subcontractor personnel.

Mr. Chrisman managed all business operations activities for a number of Civil Agency programs including extensive experience in new business pursuits in simulation and training including Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), Advanced Development Simulation Trainer (ADST) I and II, etc. Focus program during this period was the FBI Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). As part of the original proposal team, managed all business planning and proposal activities resulting in the win and managed the program to successful rollout of the FBI’s transition and conversion of its fingerprint card system housed in Washington, DC as it transitioned to its new facility in Clarksburg, WV. This program built the AFIS Fingerprint Data Processing center and converted nearly 40,000,000 fingerprints from card prints to electronic images which can process searches and matches in seconds versus hours and weeks.

Mr. Chrisman worked on several other programs during his career LMC including the management of all business operations for the Air Force National Test Bed (NTB) program which was established at Falcon Air Force Base in Colorado Springs; the Joint Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) program which was a Joint Armed Services program that provided mobilized battlefield training vehicles for the Joint Forces; the USAF Operational Analysis of Source Information System (OASIS) program at Hanscom Air Force Base which was a software development program to upgrade Air Force capabilities in Europe; and other programs including ORB, Theater Air Command and Control System Facility (TACCSF), Weapon Control System (WCS) for Small ICBM, and the Westinghouse Nuclear Facility Fuel Drivers.  

Mr. Bill Cooper

For over the past twenty years, Mr. Bill Cooper has provided intensive and progressive program management for major Defense/Aerospace Prime Contractors. He has managed development programs (both hardware and software), production programs, logistics programs, and IDIQ task orders. Capture manager and proposal manager on proposals ranging from $110K to $500M.


  • Served as Senior Program Manager for CASS Production, with a total value of $1.1 Billion over a 10-year period
  • Served as Program Manager of seven Indefinite Quantity Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) task orders.
  • Managed Integrated Project Teams (IPT) ranging from 16 to 24 personnel to include hardware engineers, software engineers, logistics engineers and support personnel
  • Performed capture management and proposal management on production, engineering development and IDIQ task orders
  • Proposal management consultant to Shipley Associates
  • Program Manager on SBIR project for Pioneering Decisive Solutions, Inc
  • Consultant to The Boeing Company to establish a Logistics Support Program
  • Consultant to Northrop Grumman Company in support of an Electro-Optical Logistics Program

During his career at Lockheed Martin, he was responsible for hardware production, software, and logistics contracts with values exceeding $200M, including the US Navy’s Consolidated Automated Support Systems (CASS), Automated Test system (ATE), Link 16 Study contract through DMEA, and IDIQ task orders from NAVAIR. He performed capture management and proposal management on several proposals to meet customer requirements and negotiate contracts. Developed work breakdown structures and Microsoft Project plans and assign work units to meet cost, technical, and schedule requirements. Analyze financial data. Ensure the functional organizations meet the contract requirements.

Directed tasks issued under the Navy IDIQ program affecting Automatic Test Equipment modernization. He also directed the procurement of products from outside vendors and conduct make-buy decisions in the procurement of such products. Prepare and give presentations to management and customers on status and potential new business. Interface with large companies/corporations (e.g., Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Northrop Grumman, AIL, Agilent, Teradyne) and US Government to provide assistance in defining requirements and prepare cost estimates to meet these requirements. Initiated and led several Lean/Sigma 6 projects to increase the efficiency in processes and reduce costs in several different projects. Identify risks in programs and present them to senior management with proposed mitigations to each risk.

During Mr. Bill Coopers’ US Air Force Military experience, he supervised maintenance on avionics systems including aircraft radar, communication and navigation, flight controls, instruments, and electronic countermeasures in support of research and development. Directed manufacture and installation of remote control target systems in target vehicles. Supervised 80 personnel. Mr. Bill Cooper also supervised and performed organizational maintenance and testing of electronic and electro-optical sensors installed in reconnaissance aircraft. Supervised 35 technicians

Mr. Frank Karlin

Mr. Karlin currently provides training and consulting services for Aerospace and Defense Firms pursuing DoD and NASA business opportunities. His consulting support has included Capture Strategy Development and Execution, Proposal Management, and Price-to-Win (PTW) Analysis.

At Lockheed Martin Information Systems (LMIS) Mr. Karlin was the PTW Manager responsible for PTW recommendations and competitive analyses for this $1.0B+ Lockheed Martin Division. He assisted Capture Teams in business capture strategy development. He provided training to Business Development and Capture Teams on PTW / Design-to-Cost, proposal development (processes and techniques) and win strategy development. He also served as Proposal Manager for several opportunities as needed to mitigate a heavy Proposal Department workload; He performed identical duties as delineated above for LM Aircraft & Logistics Centers (LMALC), created LMALC’s PTW capability; developed processes, Capture Manager guides, training briefings, etc, related to Price-to-Win / Design-to-Cost; Served as Proposal Manager for several “Must Win” pursuits. Developed a proposal technique for quantifying “best value” that mitigated a ~25% price disadvantage on one of these pursuits; Wrote the large majority of LMALC’s “Win Plan” (step-by-step guide to win strategy development and execution)

Mr. Frank Karlin developed LMALC’s proposal capability and managed the Proposal Development Center for 7 years. Responsible for managing proposals and ensuring the quality of any concurrent proposal efforts. Additionally responsible for developing and managing departmental and proposal budgets, producing internal and external presentations, market research, marketing reports and competitive analyses. He developed and presented training modules for Business Development Department covering capture strategy development and execution, influencing customers, etc. Also, provided training to Contracts, Subcontracts and Capture Team personnel on a variety of related topics. With one exception--attributed to faulty marketing intelligence data--all Technical / Management proposals produced during this period were ranked first and overcame price differentials as high as 25% in what is traditionally a price-driven marketplace.

Mr. Frank Karlin had thirteen years capture management and marketing of advanced guidance and electronic subsystems. Customers included the Air Force, Navy, NASA, DARPA, Sandia Labs, and various aerospace contractors (12 years with Honeywell Space and Strategic Avionics Division [SSAvD); Clearwater, Florida] and 1 year with Northrop Electronics Division; Hawthorne, California). Mr. Karlin had a win rate of over 75% (98% based on contract values); credited with winning approximately 90% of all new business won by the Strategic Systems segment of SSAvD at Honeywell. He developed PTW / DTC goals and managed or aggressively participated in all proposals.

Mr. Karlin has seven years USAF contract management experience ranging from R&D through major weapons systems acquisitions. Held buyer, Contracting Officer and division management positions (Rome Air Development Center, Ballistic Missile Office and Space Division):

Four years USAF Management Engineering (a hybrid of industrial engineering and management consulting).

Mr. Karlin is authoring a book entitled Capturing Government Business-- for Smart People that addresses techniques for better accomplishing the key phases of capture management including intelligence data gathering, strategy development and execution, PTW/DTC, and proposal development.